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We Provide Patients With State Of The Art Dental Care

Dr. Les M. Wong utilizes a wide range of advanced technology to provide patients with state of the art dental care and treatment. Whether patients are receiving a regularly scheduled teeth cleaning or a more complicated dental procedure, Dr. Wong’s use of cutting edge dental technologies provides patients with high quality care.

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Our Technology

Dr. Wong uses air abrasion technology to help eradicate tooth decay. The air abrasion hand piece propels compressed air and a mixture of baking soda, silica, and aluminum oxide that “blasts” decay into small particles, which are then suctioned away. Air abrasion is a safe and effective alternative to the traditional dental drill, and does not produce any sound, heat, or pressure on the surfaces of the teeth.

Dr. Wong provides cosmetic and restorative dental care and treatment using the state of the art Odyssey laser. The use of laser technology results in beautiful results with minimal pain, no need for stitches, and no bleeding after the procedure is completed.

Without digital x-rays, problem areas in the mouth may go undetected, leaving patients at risk for serious dental issues in the future. Dr. Wong provides digital x-rays for his patients, providing safe and accurate detection of any dental abnormalities not visible to the naked eye. Digital x-rays are safe and effective, resulting in less than half the radiation exposure of traditional film x-rays.

This advanced dental laser has a multitude of applications from conservatively treating cavities, treating periodontal disease and implantitis, implant related procedures, as well as extractions.

Hate the goop and mess of traditional impressions? Digital scanning allows us to comfortably and accurately gather information.  The scan information can then be used to fabricate crowns, veneers, implant crowns, retainers, orthodontic trays, sleep appliances, or to compare with a future scan for changes happening in your mouth.

The Itero dental scan machine is a digital impression system used by dentists to create highly accurate 3D models of patients’ teeth and jaws. The system uses a small wand-like device to scan the mouth and capture detailed images of the teeth, gums, and surrounding structures. The images are then used to create a 3D model which can be used for a variety of dental procedures such as orthodontic treatment, dental restorations, and implant placement. The Itero system is known for its accuracy, speed and comfort, and eliminates the need for traditional, messy putty impressions.


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