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Frequently Asked Questions From Our Patients

Frequently Asked Questions From Our Patients

Dr. Wong and his team take time to listen to patients and respond to their concerns in a compassionate manner. While many dental concerns require individualized attention, below are questions that we have been asked frequently over the years. If you have a question that is not answered below, call Dr. Wong at (408) 351-7679 for a personalized consultation.

Regular preventive dental care can stop serious potential problems in their tracks, saving many patients time, money, and energy. Comprehensive dental exams and regularly scheduled cleanings allow Dr. Wong to meet with each patient and review any concerns and questions you may have.

The evaluation that takes place during these dental appointments also gives Dr. Wong the opportunity to address any concerns with personalized dental treatment options. Whether patients need a simple composite filling or dental implants to restore healthy smiles, Dr. Wong is able to determine what will best serve your needs during your appointment.

Dr. Wong understands that patients can feel nervous about seeing the dentist, especially if it has been a long time between dental visits. However, there is no judgment, only thoughtful compassion for your individual needs.

Dr. Wong cares about changing patients’ lives for the better. Combining cutting edge technology with excellent patient care, Dr. Wong is able to meet the individualized needs of each patient in a compassionate and friendly manner.

Dr. Wong offers preventive, cosmetic and restorative dental treatment on a fee for service basis, which means that patients know exactly what their dental procedures will cost before any work begins. Dr. Wong and his team also provide convenient and flexible payment options.

We offer 3rd party financing options at 0% to help make dental care affordable.

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