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Gum Recession Can Put You At Risk For Losing Teeth

The Pinhole Surgical Technique™ can restore your gums and oral health

Dr. Wong is proud to offer the revolutionary Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST™) for patients whom require gum recession surgery. This dynamic restorative dental procedure allows Dr. Wong to restore patients’ healthy gums and beautiful smiles without the need for cutting or stitching.

Receding gums can be difficult to catch early on because the process happens so slowly over time. Generally, patients start to notice receding gums once they’ve experience sensitive teeth, which usually causes pain or discomfort when exposed to extreme temperatures. The gum tissue has already pulled away, leaving the roots of the teeth exposed.

Dr. Wong uses PST™ to provide receding gums treatment for patients whom experience sensitive teeth.

The gum tissue may recede or pull back from the surface of the teeth for a variety of reasons including:

A Revolutionary Treatment To Restore Your Gums

The Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST™) is relatively simple; requiring Dr. Wong to make a tiny “pinhole” in gum tissue and gently slide it down to cover the roots of the teeth. Because there are no wounds or stitches, healing time with PST™ is significantly faster and results in minimal pain.

If you notice sensitive teeth while eating or drinking, or receding gums when you smile, call Dr. Wong for a personal consultation to see how PST™ can restore the health of your teeth.

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