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Dr. Wong Works With A Range Of Insurance Companies

We Keep Patients Informed

Our preventive, cosmetic and restorative dental care treatment options are customized to each patient. Because Dr. Wong works closely with patients to decide which treatment options will work best for them, the cost for dental care depends on those individualized decisions.

While getting the right dental care for you is important, Dr. Wong wants each patient to feel relaxed and informed regarding each step of the process, including dental insurance and payment options.

Convenient Options

To manage any out of pocket expenses, Dr. Wong provides a wide range of payment options, including:

Dental Insurance

Dr. Wong works with a range of dental insurance companies, including Delta Premier. Dr. Wong and his team are happy to help you make sure that you receive the maximum amount of insurance benefits possible for your dental care and treatment.

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Pay Only for the Dental Care You Need

Dr. Wong offers state of the art dental care and treatment for patients of all ages at competitive prices. Dr. Wong also charges only for the dental care and procedures that you need.

When you work with Dr. Wong, you know exactly what your dental bill and out of pocket expenses will be, regardless of whether or not you have dental insurance. Dr. Wong and his team can provide patients with detailed estimates for dental procedures, which can then be submitted to insurance companies for determination of how the cost of services will be covered by them.

This also gives patients a clear understanding of how much they will be required to pay out of pocket, taking the mystery out of the insurance and payment process.

Dental health is too important to ignore! Dr. Wong makes it easy for patients to pay affordable prices for excellent, personalized dental care and treatment.

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