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Good dental health affects every part of our patients’ lives. Dr. Wong provides life-changing full mouth reconstruction to restore vibrant, healthy smiles.

Over time, teeth can become stained, broken, decayed, worn down, and can even fall out or need to be extracted. Each of these circumstances can result in a misaligned bite, leading to long-term pain and discomfort. Symptoms of chronic misalignment can include pain in the jaw or neck, headaches, and TMD, among others.

Full mouth reconstruction restores a healthy bite, improving overall health and restoring a beautiful, confident smile.

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Dr. Wong Will Improve Your Overall Health And Restore Your Smile

Dr. Wong consults personally with patients to determine their dental goals, listen to concerns, answer questions, and recommend the best treatment options for optimal dental health. There are several kinds of dental reconstruction options, including:

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Our cutting-edge technology for the most effective, beautiful results

Dr. Wong employs cutting edge technology for the most effective, beautiful results in each full mouth reconstruction. Invisalign 3D mapping guides patients to the smile they’ve always wanted through precision orthodontics, while laser technology reduces pain and inflammation and aids in precise placement of dental implants, resulting in faster healing times.

Dr. Wong and his team provide a warm and comfortable environment for patients who need more complicated dental procedures, like dental implants or full mouth reconstruction. For patients who feel particularly nervous, Dr. Wong offers a range of sedation dentistry techniques to help you feel more comfortable.

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